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Aetna Plumbing Inc, has been in the plumbing profession for over 40 years with expertise in problem solving, drain cleaning, plumbing solutions, video inspections and high pressure jetting. Located in Stuart, Florida our service area covers North Palm Beach County, Saint Lucie County and Martin County.Our technicians are factory trained with the latest technology, with tools and equipment and with commercial, residential and tankless water heaters.You will always know the price BEFORE the job is started and our goal is to make the customer loyal and satisfied.

Licensed & Insured

Aetna Plumbing, Inc. is licensed and insured and believe in being an integral part of the community.

Some of the many services we offer are drain cleaning, commercial water heater service, high pressure jetting, video inspections, odor and leak detection, plumbing, sewer and water service repairs. Our trucks are fully stocked and can usually perform the requested service with one trip.

High Pressure Jetting

The process in which streams of high pressure water are used to cut through debris and rid the pipes of grease and soaps along the pipe wall surface. High Pressure Jetting can be used in many applications.

Tankless Water Heaters

While water is passed through a heat exchanger water is heated thereby eliminating the need for a tank. With other water heaters the tank is filled and heated then used. Tankless water heaters are considered energy-efficient and offer a space-saving feature. The potential for the water heater to leak and cause damage is non-existant with a tankless water heater. Also with a tankless water heater you will not run out of hot water.

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