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Plumbing Problems and Solutions

At some point your plumbing will cause you some stress. To help alleviate some of those plumbing problems we have put together some typical plumbing problems and solutions. 

Vibrating or Banging Pipes

Air is bouncing around inside the pipe due to a leak where air was able to be drawn into the pipe. If it only occurs when the hot water is used your hot water heater may be set too high generating steam. Proper plumbing has air chambers or areas of cushion softening or preventing hammering of pipes. These capped areas can become clogged and need to be cleared.







Bubbling Toilet

Air is trapped in the system of the toilet. Check that the fill valve is functioning properly, by taking the top lid of the tank off. During flushing, bubbling can signal a larger plumbing problem, a blockage in the sewer line. These types of problems will need a professional plumbing inspection.







Dripping Faucet

Most likely a piece in the faucet has worn out and needs to be replaced.







Rusty, Dark Water

Check anode rod, probably rusted and needs to be replaced. Sediment might also be the culprit, flush your hot water heater out. If you are on a well it may be caused from bacteria and shocking the well with chlorine may be necessary. Simple tests by a professional can determine the problem. If it’s a problem ONLY with the hot water it is your hot water heater as those water pipes have to run through your hot water heater.







Smelly Water

Add chlorine or hydrogen peroxide to your hot water heater. Do this by closing the cold water valve, turn on the hot water through a faucet to lower some of the water stored in the heater tank and pour in a liter of hydrogen peroxide or chlorine. This is a temporary fix. If the problem persists you will need to replace the anode in the hot water heater tank with an aluminum-zinc alloy.







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