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Macerator Toilet

The Macerator Toilet install is amazingly flexible.The impossible happens at Aetna Plumbing. Need a toilet in the garage, workshop, our dog house? This Toilet is Bow Wow! Aetna Plumbing can make it happen. These macerator toilets will allow you to install a toilet or a full extra bathroom almost anywhere without having to break concrete to do it. This innovative product uses the same amount of water as low-consumption toilets, but uses a grinder pump to assist with flushing uphill. Features of this Saniplus macerating toilet system: •Environmentally friendly solution for a modern bathroom to be installed conveniently where you want it •No need to break up concrete or walls. System is installed directly on top of a finished floor or concrete floor •Can simultaneously receive wastewater from several sanitary fixtures such as a bidet, hand basin, shower or bathtub, but only one water closet per unit •Systems include an efficient 1.6 gallon per flush vitreous china toilet •Simple to install Click on the Video Above to see how it works.

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